AVS Accessories

Each AVS alarm will come standard with some of the accessories listed. Most accessories can be added to any AVS alarm or immobiliser for greater protection.

   AVS Interior screamer siren
An extremely high pitched screamer siren for the cabin of the car. Do not leave animals or children in the vehicle when the alarm is fitted with this option

  AVS Ultrasonic motion sensor
Measures air pressure and movement within the car and will trigger when a change is detected. A good upgrade if you carry expensive possessions or accessories. Not suitable for situations where animals or children are left in the vehicle or windows are left open while the alarm is armed.

  AVS Tilt sensors
Designed purely for the protection of your wheels. Once the alarm is armed it will detect if your car is jacked more than 2 degrees in any direction. Other sensors (such as shock or microwaves) do not protect wheels so this is an essential add on if you have expensive alloys.

  AVS Glass break sensor
Detects the sound frequency of glass breaking.
AVS Audio discriminating glass break sensor
Will only trigger the alarm when it registers the correct sound frequency for breaking glass and the built in shock sensor also registers a corresponding impact to the vehicle. This ensures highly accurate detection of glass breakage and virtually eliminates false alarms.

  AVS Microwave motion sensor
Detects body mass movement within the car. It is specifically designed for convertibles or situations where the windows need to be left open. . Not suitable for situations where animals or children are left in the vehicle while the alarm is armed.

  AVS Shock Sensor
Triggers when there is an impact to the body of your vehicle, such as a door panel being hit. AVS 2 stage shock sensor will beep a warning for a light impact and trigger the alarm if a heavy impact occurs.

  AVS 2 stage shock sensor with ETS (environment Tuned Sensor)
Can distinguish between environmental shocks caused by aircraft, trucks or extreme weather conditions, and the impact caused by a thief attempting to break in. It includes the unique AVS “auto adjust” process, where the alarm samples the background noise and will if necessary automatically reduce the sensitivity of the sensor. This allows trouble free sensitivity that ordinary shock sensors cannot provide.

  Auto start module
This will allow the car to be started via remote control. It can only be used on automatic cars and some installation restrictions apply.

  Window roll-up kits
Window roll-up kits are an add-on product. Once the kit is fitted when the alarm is armed all the windows in the car will automatically close

  AVS SMS Pager
The AVS SMS pager will send a text message to up to 5 mobile phones when your alarm is triggered. The system will also text you if your car battery is running low (if you leave your lights on) and can lock and unlock your doors by text message. Requires a Vodafone SIM card (usually pre-pay). Normal text message charges apply.

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