boat alarms

We have done many boats over the years, The best thing is to phone us, we can advise and can give pricing to suit your needs. 

Some time we like to look at the boat to give best options for coverage.

Our special senors we have are for moment inside boats, uses heat and movement befor trigging keeping false alarms down and are very well tested.

We use many alarm system and models some we modified to suit boats with optional extra sirens for extra loud noise inside.

Basic units all  blink navagation lights or steaming lights or can have both with lots of options.

Gsm paging systems can be added so it can let you know if alarm has been triggered and going off, it uses the  021 network or we can fit a Gps tracking systems which stands alone and  units to help find it if boat stolen using latitude and longitde maping system.

Over the 26 years we have done many well known game fishing boats and private boats with great results.

Please call us and talk about your needs.

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