D3600 Alarm/Immobiliser

D3600 Alarm/Immobiliser


 4 star

D3600 model srrp  $506.00 inc gst installed

This Australian and New Zealand Standards approved immobiliser alarm provides two circuits of engine immobilisation operated by rolling code random encrypted remote control. Entry point protection of doors, boot and bonnet with an intelligent glass break sensor. Audible warning is achieved via a 120dB standard siren, visually via the vehicle indicators and via a dash mounted high intensity red LED. The system may provide keyless entry.

Arming procedure while ignition is off
The system will arm immediately if the main button of a valid remote control is momentarily pressed, the doors will lock and all security functions will become active.
Disarming procedure
The system will disarm when the main button of a valid remote control is pressed.
Auto Arming feature
The immobiliser will automatically immobilise the engine 39 seconds after the engine has stopped, if the vehicle is left untouched.

Two independent circuits of immobilisation
30 Amp rated, normally open contacts.
Automatic immobilisation
39 seconds after ignition switch is turned off.
Safety circuitry in case of power failure
System sources alternate power from ignition if main power is lost.

On-board relays
Protection against harsh road conditions
All relays are fully encapsulated to provide protection against dust and moisture.

Two polycarbonate remote controls
Rolling code encoder with over 18,000,000,000,000,000,000+ code combinations, transmitting via 433MHz PWM RF signal.
Weather proof case
Both halves of the case are sealed by a silicon membrane.
Large system memory
Allows system to track three controllers.
Controller re-programming
Service technician can delete lost or stolen controllers from memory.

Security wiring
All cables extending from the module are black and same diameter.
Plug and play for service
Designed to allow easy access for service technicians.
Security housing
Connector plug is enclosed within module case to prevent access by thief.
Stealth wiring
Cutting any immobilisation wiring will still leave the car secure.

Emergency Personal Identification Number override
Enter the secret four digits to override the immobiliser .
PIN card
Secret override PIN is supplied on handy 90mm x 50mm card.

Visual Output
Bright red dash LED
This LED flashes to inform user when system is armed. The LED is mounted on the driver's side dash and is visible from outside the window.
Arm/Disarm confirmation
System flashes car indicators when arming or disarming.
Alarm illumination
System flashes car indicators when thief triggers alarm.

Audio Output
Standard siren

Intrusion Detection
Doors, bonnet and boot monitoring
Triggers alarm system if intruder opens any protected entry point in vehicle.
Audio glass breakage detection
Uses the sound of the breaking glass to trigger (not vibration).
Accepts plug-in Ultra-sonic sensor (optional)
Sensor produces a 40KHz sound wave and measures echo to detect intruder,.
Accepts plug-in single zone microwave sensor (optional)
Sensor produces a microwave field to detect intruder.
Accepts plug-in dual zone microwave sensor (optional)
Sensor produces two microwave fields, exterior field to sound siren as warning, interior to trigger alarm in full.
Accepts plug-in single stage shock sensor (optional)
Sensor measures vibration subjected to vehicle to detect intruder.
Accepts plug-in two stage shock sensor (optional)
Sensor measures two levels of shock, soft shock to sound siren as warning, heavy shock to trigger alarm in full.
Compatible with tilt sensor (optional)
Sensor measures vehicle angle with respect to earth, triggers if angle changes - no response to vibration.

Optional extra Central Locking
Locks and unlocks all doors
System can trigger factory central locking, aftermarket central locking or central locking relays.
Variable pulse time
Extend pulse length to drive pneumatic central locking systems (Mercedes).
Automatic re-locking
System will re-arm and re-lock doors if previously disarmed by remote control and doors remain closed.

Anti-hijacking protection
System locks doors when ignition is turned on, unlocks when ignition is turned off.
Dual stage unlock
Allows user to unlock driver's door before unlocking all other doors.

Convenience Functions
Panic / Car Finder
Press and hold second button of remote control to cause siren to sound and indicators to flash.
Courtesy light switch activation
System switches courtesy light on for 30 seconds or until ignition switch is turned on, when disarmed.
Electronic boot release. (Optional)
Press and hold the secondary remote control button, while system is disarmed, to activate boot release output. The indicators will flash four time each time the boot release signal is sent.

Warranty (Return to Base)
Manufacturers warranty on Control module
Guarantees control module is free from manufacturing defects for 3 years months from time of purchase.
Manufacturers warranty on Sundry items
Guarantees remote controls, siren and sundry items are free from manufacturing defects for 12 months from time of purchase.


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