D2200 Immobiliser

D2200 Immobiliser


 3 star

D2200 model srrp $199.00 inc gst unstalled

Cyclops model

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This New Zealand Standards approved immobiliser provides two circuits of automatic engine immobilisation operated by an electronically coded transponder with a dash mounted high intensity red LED. The system is fully automated and thus the user doesn't have to arm or disarm.

Disarming procedure
Simply turn the ignition switch of the car to ON, the transponder tag on the key ring will automatically disarm the system.
Auto Arming feature
The immobiliser will automatically immobilise the engine 39 seconds after the engine has stopped, if the vehicle is left untouched.

Two independent circuits of immobilisation
30 Amp rated, normally open contacts.
Automatic immobilisation
39 seconds after ignition switch is turned off.
Safety circuitry in case of power failure
System sources alternate power from ignition if main power is lost.

On-board relays
Protection against harsh road conditions
All relays are fully encapsulated to provide protection against dust and moisture.

Two Transponder tags
Encoded digital signature device with 281,000,000,000,000+ code combinations.
Batteries not required
Transponder tags use induced power signals from car, requires no battery replacement or servicing.
Recommended disarm method for users with limited hand movement.
Remote control with transponder enhancements
Allows the immobiliser to disarm automatically when ignition switch is turned on.
Large system memory
Allows system to track four controllers.
Controller re-programming
Service technician can delete lost or stolen controllers from memory. 

Emergency Personal Identification Number override
Enter the secret four digits to override the immobiliser.
Alterable PIN
Users can change the numbers of their secret override PIN.
One shot override
Immobiliser always re-arms to protect vehicle, re-enter PIN if vehicle needs to be driven after auto-arming has occurred.
PIN card
Secret override PIN is supplied on handy 90mm x 50mm card.

Visual Output
Super bright red dash LED
This LED flashes to inform user when system is armed. The LED is mounted on the driver's side dash and is visible from outside the window.

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