A4 Alarm/Immobiliser

A4 Alarm

A4 alarm with battery back up siren installed $549.00 inc gst plus optinal extas

Has map upgrade features for cars with factory remotes.

Call us get a installation price for your vehicle.


The AVS A4 provides excellent level of protection for your vehicle. It is standards certified and has a four star rating.

The AVS A4 features two automatic immobilisers and a data battery back-up siren. In addition it has all the features you would expect from an alarm including keyless entry, door, bonnet and boot protection and a host of programmable options. You can also easily add additional sensors such as glass break or ultrasonics to further enhance security.

Note: no impact detector or glass guard detector [optional extra]

The A4 is certified to 4601.1999: Rev A Vehicle Immobilisers - Road Vehicles
Certificate No: XF2244/C1 Test Report XF2244/R1 

Alarm features:
Two automatic normally open immobilisers
Dual tone data battery back-up siren
Door, bonnet and boot protection
Central door locking from remote*
Two weather proof rolling code remotes (4 billion code variations)
Hyper blue LED warning light
Simple programming of features from remote control
PIN code override via ignition switch (63,000 possible codes)
PAT (Past alarm trigger memory)
Turbo timer interface
Can be controlled by your cars factory remote control*

Programmable features:
Silent arm/disarm by remote or programmable
Passive arming of immobilser
Door, bonnet, boot ajar warning (if a door is left open when armed)
Automatic re-arm/re-lock*
Electronic boot release output via remote control*
Remote panic/car finder function


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